Current Project


"It is a journey with an arrival point not entirely unfamiliar with the place where it began."


Adam Reidelbach, Alan Shinn, Alexia Andrew, Becker KB, Betsy Bankenbaker, Brenda Russell, Caroline Kopp,
Chris Gibson, Cindy, Clay L Robinson, Cristina Castanon, David Goodrich, David Lopez Tichy, David Wright, 
Emerson Stone, Eric Harrison, Evan Smith, Garrett Wooten, Garry and Donna Francis, Gay Wheeler, Greg Cooper,
James Cooper, Jason, Jason Sifford, Jay Nelson, John Traphagan, Jordan Ray Landers, Josh Halverson, Josh Light, Julie Meadows, Kara White, Kelly Matthews, Kimbra Carson, Kincaid Walker, Kurt Shultz, Laura Lane, Laura Mask, Leah Cavitt, Les Brockmann, Marcus Brown, Matt Gross, Matthew Smith, Melissa Meadows, Michelle Simpson, 
Mike Meadows, Nathan Charest, Nathan Smith, Nicholas Charest, Patricia Ritzert, Patrick Whitfill, Philippe Lotfi, Phyllis Dayton Wall, Rachelle Baschuk, Ray Colgan, Rebecca May, Rev. Monica Hall, Rex Novak, Rexana Hall, 
Riley Knapp, Robert Steel, Ryan Padgett,  Ryan Todd Garza, Samantha Hale, Samuel Smith, Scott Herrington, 
Sherryl Tuxbury, Theo Popov, Tony Higgins, Tracie Hunter, Travis Kennedy, Tyler Russell, Vickie Collins, Whitney Blake Dean, William Westney, Wyatt Tall

Executive Producers

George R. Stumber IV
Robert Kerby
Heather Bradshaw


Uil and Fern Gunter

My Story:

On an evening in the Spring of 2006, I began a project that would unknowingly take me 10 years to complete. It began as a simple piano composition lasting under a minute and taking only one night to finish. In that moment I had unknowingly began a process that would take me years to comprehend, and it is a journey we all struggle with as creatives: to be honest, carefree, and fearless. It is something that can take years of searching or even a lifetime to find, and it seems that the harder one tries to recreate the process in that moment, the more elusive it becomes.  

After a decade of personal growth, I'm happy to finally take something that can happen unexpectedly and finalize it in a tangible way to share with the rest of the world... But there is one final step.

Where I am now:

I have been lucky enough to work with a team of some of the most brilliant people I've ever met to help me record and capture this music on 2 of the finest Steinway pianos I've ever played.  Recorded in 2 sessions: One in Lubbock, TX where I'm from (and where the music was written), and one in Los Angeles, CA where I currently work and reside. 

Amongst my team:

Les Brockmann - Producer/Engineer - Multi award-winning engineer. Les has recorded some of the most remarkable and memorable music including "Different Trains" by composer Steve Reich, music from the TV show "King of the Hill", and most recently the documentary "The Hunting Ground".

James Cooper - Art Director - One of my favorite artists.  He has designed record sleeves for industry luminaries Paul McCartney, David Bowie and a string of independent artists and instrumental artists across Australia, UK, Europe and the USA.

Keith Gary - Producer/Engineer - Keith has worked with an impressive list of names including Coldplay, Antony & The Johnsons, and Simon & Garfunkel.  He has also produced many records for some of the most talented up and coming independent artists the southwest has to offer.

Now that this music has been recorded and finalized it's time to release it and  this is why I need your help...

What I am aiming to do with this Kickstarter Campaign:

I have set a very high standard to produce the highest quality product of this music for you and the sessions are currently booked with the finest that Los Angeles has to offer in the way of Music Mastering, Artwork, and Record Pressing. 

MY GOAL is to raise the funds for these final steps making a release of this album possible in the following formats: 

1)  A first run of limited edition 12" Vinyl records
2)  A downloadable digital version of the music.  

What you can expect:

  • You will be backing a project that places emphasis on the value of modern classical music.  
  • You will be helping to empower the belief that all artists should have a final say in the decision of how their music is released.
  • You are directing your support to the work of an independent artist, and in that process giving back to musicians everywhere who believe they have something to offer.  

Thank you 

We have made it this far together and I'm so thankful to everyone who has made it possible up to now.  It is my hope to bring you something very special. Please don't hesitate to reach out with any questions you have about this project.

"It is a journey with an arrival point not entirely unfamiliar with the place where it began."

Harlan Hodges