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"The Story of One"

"It is a journey with an arrival point not entirely unfamiliar with the place where it began."


Adam Reidelbach, Alan Shinn, Alexia Andrew, Becker KB, Betsy Bankenbaker, Brenda Russell, Caroline Kopp,
Chris Gibson, Cindy, Clay L Robinson, Cristina Castanon, David Goodrich, David Lopez Tichy, David Wright, 
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Sherryl Tuxbury, Theo Popov, Tony Higgins, Tracie Hunter, Travis Kennedy, Tyler Russell, Vickie Collins, Whitney Blake Dean, William Westney, Wyatt Tall

Executive Producers

George R. Stumber IV
Robert Kerby
Heather Bradshaw


Uil and Fern Gunter

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On an evening in the Spring of 2006, I began a project that would unknowingly take me 10 years to complete. It began as a simple piano composition lasting under a minute and taking only one night to finish. In that moment I had unknowingly began a process that would take me years to comprehend, and it is a journey we all struggle with as creatives: to be honest, carefree, and fearless. It is something that can take years of searching or even a lifetime to find, and it seems that the harder one tries to recreate the process in that moment, the more elusive it becomes.  

                                                       - HH