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In every performance he weaves his improvisational magic to create something new and unique for the audience that night.
— Planet Arts Melbourne
He creates a unique, mesmerizing, dreamy and powerful musical world all his own... Strong and gorgeous playing that has really been committed to. Bravo!
— William Westney, Pianist
Serious, tightly-constructed compositions with intellect and imagination. Tremendously sophisticated textures with an ever-changing variety of gestures and unexpected evolutions... so well conceived in a sound, reminiscent of Messiaen, late Debussy, Scriabin, Ives, Del Tredici.... but of course, most importantly, this is Hodges!
— Becker K.B., Composer / Pianist
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Film Scoring

Scoring for feature films, documentaries, short films, ad campaigns, games, and animations. The scoring process begins by meeting with the director to discuss the project goals, followed by a spotting session, and then proceeds into a period of communication with lead creatives on the project. The process is highly collaborative throughout every phase of production.

Orchestration / Arranging

Orchestration of musical works can be created for a variety of reasons: to re-iamgine the original work in a new light, to retain original material but convey a new mood, to fit time constraints of visual media, or to simplify or fill out the original arrangement.  Orchestration is available of any existing licensed or public domain composition for commercial re-use. 


General Composition

Composition for any live performance including: orchestral performance, background scoring for concerts and events, for religious and non-profit use.  Composition of interactive media, sound installations, or technology driven projects for artistic or academic use.  HH has composed music for use in large scale sound installations for the non-profit sector, live performances at concerts, and various ensemble sizes for a variety additional end uses.


Studio Musician

Studio keyboard work for all available keyboard, pianos, organs, and Synthesizers.  Commercial recording for both in-person and remote sessions are possible.  Accompanying for one-off live performances with an existing act or solo performances can be arranged.  



For years now, we’ve had the pleasure of collaborating closely with Harlan on branded campaigns both big and small. He is, and will continue to be, our first call for original compositions. His talent is unmatched, and he has a preternatural ability to interpret and distill creative visions into transcendental musical works that continually exceed expectations...
— Adam Bagger, Managing Director @ Yonder

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